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Although the benefits of Total Quality Management are clear and compelling, many small-to-medium businesses are uncertain about how to achieve accreditation or improve their processes.  They likely lack the resources and expertise in-house to make the most of the opportunities they’re presented with, or to address the challenges of certification on their own terms.

We know this because consultants have worked with manufacturers and multinational corporations, and we understand the pressures and the potential of supplier and retailer relationships.  Our priority is not to make every company fit a common mould, but rather to become part of the team, and to celebrate what makes each of them unique.  We recognise that everyone’s objectives and opportunities differ, and our goal is to provide services with the personal touch that allows you to achieve your professional objectives.

Ultimately, we aim to help our clients understand what their customers are asking of them, and to empower them to take action and to make a positive difference to their approach to quality.  We design, implement and maintain Quality Management systems not just for the benefit of buyers above our clients in the chain, but for the security of their own futures.

As a complement or an alternative to our consultancy services, we provide FREE e-learning to all visitors of the site. Small and large organisations alike, can all benefit from the training. Learning how to implement or make the transition to the new ISO 9001 standard.  We aim to provide the knowledge necessary for the needs of your business, allowing you to adhere to the ISO 9001 standard.

For clients looking to take things a step further, we also offer document templates and hands-on consultancy engagements designed to kick-start the next stage in their Quality journey.

Beyond auditing and employee training, we work directly with select clients to deliver the most personalised entry point to a new level of professionalism.  A typical consultancy engagement includes the following sessions and templates:

  • Product safety and Risk Assessment Management
  • Due Diligence Testing and complianceNPD and Sealing
  • Traceability management and guidance
  • After sales due diligence and Corrective and Preventative Action plans
  • Factory Audits, Factory Assessments and Factory Corrective Action Plans
  • Factory Risk Assessment Management
  • Document Control and Technical Files
  • Quality and Business Manual policies and documentation

One of the simplest steps towards Total Quality Management can end up being the most time-consuming.  Both formal accreditation (through ISO 9001) and informal relationships with customers are built on detailed documentation for even the most standard processes.  But small, resource-constrained businesses often understandably find themselves prioritising the product and neglecting the paperwork.

For these businesses – whether their end result is a product or a service – the problem then becomes compounded over time.  Soon sourcing, technical specification, factory selection and supervision might all be operating with only partial record-keeping and written frameworks, and the business faces a significant struggle to bring everything into line.

We offer tailored document kits designed to kick-start the quality journey by providing a self-assessment framework for standard operating procedures.  Beginning with a short telephone or email consultation, our audit team can tailor everything from factory inspection checklists to returns procedures to fit your business’s needs, freeing your Quality Management team up to focus on product specifics.


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