A Guide to EU Timber Regulations


About this course

This mini course will take you through the basics of the EU Timber Regulation requirements, your responsibilities, terminology and some potential impacts on your organisation. 

  1. What are the EU Timber Regulations? 
  2. EUTR Due Diligence System Requirements
  3. What are the EUTR Traceability and Database Requirements? 
  4. Potential Costs for EU Timber Regulations Certification 
  5. EU Timber Regulations Inclusions List 
  6. EU Timber Regulations Glossary and Related Definitions

Does this apply to me?

Anyone that has anything to do with sourcing or selling products that are composed of materials with timber (e.g. furniture, stationary, kitchen units etc), will need to know about the EU Timber Regulations (EUTR) and your responsibilities. 

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