Donate Towards Eliminating Modern Day Slavery

Compliance Resource sponsor Unseen as their chosen charity. We aim to encourage businesses worldwide to look at their supply chain and assess what they can do to support the efforts to reduce and eventually eliminate slavery. 

How can you help?

Your donations can aid with helping survivors of slavery recover and build a new life for themselves. Lets look at what your donation can do...

Single Donations

Could pay for a survivor’s meal at one of Unseen’s safe houses.

Could pay for a ‘Welcome Pack’ of toiletries to a survivor arriving at one of Unseen’s safe houses.

Could pay for one counselling session for a survivor, providing support after they have escaped slavery.

Could pay for eight survivors to go on a special outing to help create positive memories.

Could pay for all the monthly activities for a year in one of Unseen’s safe houses (includes garden and photography workshops, cooking classes, arts and crafts and more)

Could pay for a survivor to stay at one of Unseen’s safe houses including their accommodation, food, welcome pack and clothes – to rest and recover after they have been exploited.

Corporate Donations

Pays for childcare, travel and activities for the survivors we support through our and Outreach programme which helps to improve health and wellbeing.

Pays for our women’s safehouse accommodation for the year. Giving survivors a safe place to rest and recover.

Pays for five full time Helpline Advisors for the Modern Slavery Helpline for one year. The whole team answers roughly 7,000-8,000 calls every year, offering advice and helping victims to leave their exploitation safely.

Find out more about how your corporate donation can make a difference here >>

100% of all donations go straight to the Unseen Charity. Find out more about donating via Just Giving here. 

Awareness Resources

Don't need any more convincing?

You can make a donation to the Unseen charity through our Just Giving page or contact us for further information.

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