Potential Costs for EU Timber Regulations Certification

Costs for certs

On average the initial costs for certification with FSC, PEFC or similar, would be between £1,500 – £2,000 per year, then around £850 per year onwards. Also, the cost of timber from certified forests can be much higher than just sustainable sourced timber. Often it just depends on the customer’s needs and expectations. 

The certification company would conduct an audit of the organisation to assess the Due Diligence System and traceability authenticity. If the organisation sources a mixture of timber from different sources, they can still be certified but it is specified in the certification there is mixed sources and FSC only covers a specific source. Its much simpler if the organisation only sources from a certified supply chain but this is not always possible. 

Useful database and auditing providers:

Find out more on the EU Timber Regulations Requirements and responsibilities through our EUTR article series.

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