Evaluate Your Company Status to ISO 9001:2015

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By clicking on this page, you’ve decided to fill in the questionnaire for a clearer understanding of the current state of your Quality Management System (QMS).

Below is a list of questions that you will need to answer relating to your company. You will answer by scoring the question from 0 to 4 points:

0 = No action or progress is evident in your organisation
4 = Your company holds documentation, records and practices the activities stated to the full extent of the ISO 9001 standard

Once you have finished scoring the questions, you will need to add up your scores for a total sum. The results of the evaluation will be based on that final sum. This will help you understand the value of this series to you and where your gaps are.

Important – Please score all the questions with the intention of giving a fair representation of your quality management system status.

Complete the Questionnaire

Want to complete it later? You can download the questionnaire here in an excel format or print the pdf.

If you’re uncertain of any terminology relating to the standard whilst completing the questionnaire, we have provided direct links to the lessons to give you more context. We encourage you to also invest in the ISO 9001:2015 standard itself for reference. You can do that easily here.

Lets get started…

1.Have you undertaken a review to establish the context of the organisation and the scope of the quality management system (QMS)?

2. Have you determined the processes needed for the QMS to function properly and the applicability of those processes? 

3. Is top management demonstrating leadership and commitment to the QMS, customer focus, the establishment of the QMS and regularly conducting reviews of the quality policy?

4. Has top management ensured the resources required from the QMS have been assigned, they are communicated with and understand their related responsibilities and authorities?

5. Have you identified the risks and opportunities that need to be addressed relating to the QMS, including plans to address them?

6. Has the organisation established quality objectives, including realistic plans to achieve them? 

7. Where the need for change to the QMS has been determined, is the change carried out in a planned manner?

8. Have you identified and provided all the resources needed for the QMS to be effective, including: people, infrastructure, environment for the operation of QMS processes, and any monitoring and measuring resources?

9. Have you determined and made available the knowledge necessary, for the operation of its processes/conformity, and an assessment for the necessary competence of person(s) doing the work under its control that affects its quality performance?

10. Have you determined what internal and external communications are relevant to the QMS, including ensuring persons doing work under the organisations control being made aware of QMS requirements? 

11. Have you established the documented information requirements of the standard, and the necessary controls over them? 

12. Have you planned, implemented and controlled the processes needed to meet the QMS requirements, and implemented the actions determined in 6?  

13. Have you established processes for communicating with customers, determined requirements for the products and services, and reviewed those requirements? 

14. Have you established a design and development process (where needed) including planning, inputs, controls, outputs and changes? 

15. Have you ensured that externally provided processes, products, and services conform to the QMS requirements, including: identifying the type and extent of controls, and provide necessary QMS information for external providers?

16. Have you implemented controlled conditions for production and service provision, including delivery and post-delivery activities?

17. Have you used suitable means to identify outputs, and the status of outputs with respect to monitoring and measuring with unique identification (where required)?

18. Do you exercise care with customer or external providers property, and is this reported back to the property owner if damaged, lost, or unsuitable for use?

19. Have you ensured preservation of outputs, and meet requirements for post-delivery activities? 

20. Do you review and control changes, including not releasing products and services until the planned arrangements have been completed?

21. Do you identify and control outputs, that do not conform to requirements so as to prevent their unintended use or delivery?

22. Have you determined and implemented the QMS requirements for monitoring and measuring, including customer perceptions of the degree to which requirements have been met? 

23. Have you analysed and evaluated data from monitoring and measuring and conducted internal audits according to the audit programme?

24. Has top management undertaken management reviews (at planned intervals), to discuss the QMS, ensuring its continuing suitability, adequacy, effectiveness and alignment with their strategic direction?

25. Have you determined, selected and implemented opportunities for improvement (including the QMS), and taken action when nonconformity occurs (involving effective corrective action)? 

Now, add up your scores and find out the results…

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Sam Kinch

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