Learn the basics of the ISO 9001 standard

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Thank you so much for deciding to learn more with us! We are certain you will find the following lessons beneficial to your business. You will learn about what you need to do to implement the standard requirements into your business and how to do it in the simplest form.

We understand that you may not have much time on your hands and that you may not be able to complete the whole series in one sitting, we encourage you to take the lessons in order (perhaps bookmark where you get up to each time) and you are welcome to skip to the lessons most relevant to you.

Each week we will cover 3 lessons, being released (as posts) from June 2019 to August 2019. Each lesson will also be available on mp4 to listen to.

Those lessons are…


Clause 4 Context of the Organisation Introduction Explanation

Clause 5 Leadership Explanation

Clause 6 Planning Explanation

Clause 7 Support Explanation

Clause 8 Operation Explanation

Clause 9 Performance Evaluation Explanation

Clause 10 Improvement Explanation

Create an Implementation Plan and Final Review

Let’s get straight to it!

First, lets evaluate how well you understand the standard and if your company is currently meeting the requirements.

>>> Skip Evaluation

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Sam Kinch

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