ISO 9001 Initial Evaluation Results!

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The results are in…

Remember, add up all the points you assigned to the questions for the results below:

Score between 0 – 10

  • Summary: The organisation has not assigned an individual to be responsible for establishing and maintaining QMS processes and standards. Customer focus is below average, if any. There is likely exposure to high customer complaints and nonconformities.
  • QMS Level: Fire fighing, no QMS identified.
  • Risk: Very high

Score between 11 – 30

  • Summary: The organisation has likely appointed a supervisor to manage the QMS with a limited customer focus. The organisation may have already identified and implemented a few QMS processes and initaives that are designed to help them manage the quality of their products and service, however, the company has not adopted the processes and initiatives in full. QMS may not be the organisations main focus but currently have processes in placed to meet legal compliance.
  • QMS Level: Superficial, generally issues have been identified once the product or service has been produced and delivered.
  • Risk: High

Score between 31 – 60

  • Summary: The organisation has appointed a Quality representative (or equivilient) at middle management level. They have considered the organisation needs and those of their interested parties. The resources to to implement it have been identified and partly capable of implementing it. The organisation may have established a number of good controls to manage and keep the customer compliants at bay.
  • QMS Level: Reactive with little opportunity for major ‘breakthroughs’ within the organisation.
  • Risk: Medium

Score between 61 – 80

  • Summary: Organisation-wide customer focus. The Quality Manager has recently established a QMS and is focused on Continual Improvement or the QMS processes have been updated. The effectiveness of the QMS is being monitored closely. The organisation may be looking for ways to improve the competency of staff and the awareness of QMS responsibilities internally.
  • QMS Level: Continual improvement. The organisation may be aiming for certification with a third party.
  • Risk: Low

Score between 81 – 100

  • Summary: The organisation has a Quality Director with resources to implement improvement strategies in the business. The QMS is firmly estbalished with high customer focus across the whole organisation. The Quality team is competent in their ability to manage change and requirements of interested parties.
  • QMS Level: Follow the QMS ISO 9001 model or similar, demonstrating ‘breakthrough’ strategies.
  • Risk: Very low

The results above are the average representation of a business with those scores, however they are not a reflection on your business intentions, after all, that’s why you are taking this evaluation and the lessons!

Lets get started with the course…

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Sam Kinch

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