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Quality Management Platform​

Qooling’s mission is to help organisations get more value out of their management system and move to operational excellence.

At Qooling, we believe that companies can get a lot more out of their management teams if they use the right platform. We support companies transform from, just being compliant to, getting real value out of their management system. This is reached by slowly moving towards operational excellence with data as the main driver.

The Qooling Management Tool

Is your company information and data scattered around in several different applications and files? If so, we can help you to eradicate this issue if you move to the Qooling platform.


Through our easy-to-use platform, you will be able to structure all the compliance related data and information on one platform. The dynamic setup allows you to create a Management System tailored to the roles you have within the company. This results in higher adoption of the Management System and more data. Data which is crucial for your improvement plans.

We offer Demo courses for you to trial the Management System and get to grips with how Qooling can help you to move your Management System to the next level.

Customer Testimonials

"It is an easy to use tool for many standards. Its look and feel feels right and there are no difficult options. When I contact Qooling with a question or request they answer within 24 hours, most of the times even shorter. Qooling helps a company to really manage QHSE on every level."

"The overview that Qooling gives is very pleasant. I can check audits that my colleagues did, no matter where i am, just by checking them on my phone. I also like that everything can be linked to each other. With this I can save myself and others a lot of time. In addition, it also gives better insight. Finally, rep from Qooling is prepared to think and talk with you about possible changes in the software, making it easier to work with."

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