Meet Sam Kinch

Founder of Compliance Resource and Quality Inspired Consultancy


Sam Kinch, an ISO 9001 Lead Auditor, Quality Assurance Consultant with over 15 years experience at every link in the product lifecycle and ISO auditing.

Having worked for both manufacturers and large retailers, Sam knew from experience how divisive the implementation of Quality Standards can be.  Working with various test labs and factories in different regions, Sam had also witnessed the full spectrum of Quality Management approaches: from fire-fighting to strict controls, and everything in between.

Sam’s consultancy was established as a way of addressing the gulf between market expectations and the ability of SME’s to meet them. 

Building on her experience with SME producers, corporate retailers, Asia manufacturers and Test laboratories; Sam advocates a collaborative approach.  She encourages a proactive stance – moving mindsets from being reactive, to proactive.

Sam believes that no business, whatever their size, shouldn’t have to sacrifice what makes them unique in the interests of making or selling better products or services.  And while she stands firmly by the letter and law of international standards, Sam’s balance of professionalism and personality have allowed her clients to make Quality work for them.

MORE ABOUT ISO 9001:2015…

Total Quality Management

Quality is more than a checkbox. For businesses big and small, it’s a matter of pride. A testament to their heritage, culture, and processes. We share that passion; we deliver assessment, implementation and training services that promote a business-wide attitude to improving Quality.

Extensive Experience

We’ve worked at every stage of the international supply chain – from retail to the factory floor. We understand your pressures and your opportunities. Whether it’s implementing a new Quality standard or exploring your thought processes, our professional services stem from personal experience.

ISO 9001:2015

To borrow the ISO’s own phrase, international standards make things work. And their latest versions make things work even better. ISO 9001, the Quality standard used by millions, was revised in 2015. It now offers even more benefits that really matter to companies like yours – not just to your customers.

The Quality Journey

We aim to empower our clients. Our tools and guidance prioritise clarity and understanding. Split into four stages, our services then encourage businesses of all shapes and sizes to take personalised, proactive steps towards their professional objectives.

Unique Understanding

Professionalism, productivity, and the processes that give rise to them, aren’t just for businesses. Mind Mapping is a powerful tool for redefining people’s relationships with the work they do and the way they do it. And we know its value first-hand, because we trained with its inventor.


We work with producers, importers, service companies, and individuals in London and the South of England. Our purpose is never to ask any of them to fit a mould; in both short training sessions and ongoing engagement, we build outstanding relationships through expertise, and real interactions between real people.


We’ve transformed the way multinational retailers and micro producers alike think. Ready to take the next step in your own Quality journey?

Customer Testimonials

Dave Winsor – Next Group PLC

“Sam has worked as part of my team for a number of years. She is fast to learn and adapt, and will challenge the status quo as appropriate. Sam’s attention to detail is only matched by her drive and enthusiasm, I would highly recommend her within the Home & Furniture Technical field.”

Kevin Grix – CEO of Furniture Ombudsman

“Sam and I have worked together a number of times over the last few years on a range of projects associated with the furniture industry and consumer matters. Sam is very credible and interacts well on all levels and I have always been impressed by her determination and willingness to improve standards.”

Andy Ball – Justwise Group

“Sam is a very professional, knowledgeable and detailed individual. Her thorough preparation and personable nature, mean she offers a focused and dedicated service, targeted towards achieving specific customer objectives. She comes highly recommended.”

Mark Bond – Tesco PLC

“Sam is always dedicated and passionate about her work. She finds practical solutions to complicated problems through working collaboratively and effectively. She is mature, well liked and knows her stuff; I would have no problem in the future in recommending her.”

BV Recognised Consultant

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